end times

A Divine Jigsaw Puzzle

A DIVINE JIG SAW PUZZLE MIKE CUNNINGHAM OCTOBER 7, 2012 Biblical prophecy experts such as Harold Camping and Hal Lindsey have persuaded millions of naive Christians to shell out millions of dollars to purchase their books over the years. They convinced these gullible people that they have the answers concerning biblical prophecy. I want to …Continue reading

What if Jesus Didn’t Return?

WHAT IF JESUS DIDN’T RETURN? MIKE CUNNINGHAM SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 “Boy I got lots of good stuff for our Bible study, teacher. Wait till you see what I’ve been able to come up with. I mean, like, it will blow your socks off!” “I’ve been asking God all week to bless you in your quest …Continue reading

The Burden of Proof

THE BURDEN OF PROOF MIKE CUNNINGHAM SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 I ended last week’s sermon about the end times by explaining how I felt about the issue. I told Jesus that I was deeply sorry about the awful things that millions of evangelical Christians are unknowingly doing. Those people cause Him grief by the manner in …Continue reading

My Prayer to Jesus

Good morning Jesus. Please tell the Apostle John I said thanks for not recording everything you did during the thirty three years you lived in this world. Although I would loved to have read about those other things, I’m grateful that you ordained otherwise. I’ll explain my reason at the end of this prayer but …Continue reading