2014/10/29 – Devotional


Years ago when the New York Yankees were managed by Ralph Houk, baseball game schedules were much more demanding. In fact, teams usually played at least one double-header every week. Occasionally, a player would get sick of the grind and ask for permission to sit out a game. Read more

The Unforgettable Halloween


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Friday Morning Devotional – 10/24/14

“No one whose hope is in you (LORD) will ever be put to shame…good and upright is the LORD…all the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful.” (Psalm 25:3,8, 10).
When the doctor said that dreaded “cancer” word, I was sure he was talking about someone else. But he was looking at me and using my name. Once the shock wore off, the reality hit me: that means major surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, cancelling my plans, etc. How can I cope with all that? Read more

2014/10/22 – Devotional


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” 
1 Thessalonians 5:11

When you need encouragement, where do you go? To a good book? To the Internet? There are many encouraging blogs such as this one. But sometimes you need more than words; you need someone with skin on. Someone who will listen to you, stand by you, pray for you, believe in you. Right?
I found this someone in Mr. Turner, a man in his eighties, who had served God all of his life. I would find his comforting notes in my mailbox. He would call me by telephone to ask how things were going. Sometimes he would say, “If ever you need to talk, come over to our house. Mrs. Turner and I will be happy to see you.”
When I did go to their house, I was received with genuine pleasure and a cup of tea. Mr. Turner would position himself so he could hear me better. Then he would ask, “What’s happening?”

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The Wisdom and Power of God pt II


Mike Cunningham
October 19,2014

In my devotional, “If You Were God,” I said: “If you and I had God’s power we would change many things, but if we had God’s wisdom we wouldn’t change anything!” (1)

When I ended last Sunday’s sermon, I knew I would have my work cut out for me with this morning’s. How our Heavenly Father, One who is perfect in love and infinite in wisdom and power, how He could allow the horrible events that I’ll be speaking about in this sermon is beyond my comprehension. For instance,
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