Why Does God Allow Horrible Things to Happen?

Originally posted November 23, 2014. Every Sunday before Thanksgiving I like to remind myself of all the wonderful things I’m thankful for. This morning, I also want to speak about “some” of the many reasons why every follower of Christ should be thankful. So much so, that when we die and leave this world we …Continue reading

Friday Morning Special 10/2/15


Grace Jems – The saints’ everlasting rest! (Jared Waterbury) “There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9 All earthly Sabbaths are not worthy to be compared with that eternal rest, where the unfettered, unpolluted soul shall worship the Lamb without interruption and without end! The body will there not impede, but …Continue reading

2015/09/30 – Devotional


An infallible test! from Grace Gems (Samuel Davies, “The Nature of Love to God and Christ, Opened and Enforced”) “If anyone does not love the Lord–a curse be on him!” 1 Corinthians 16:22 If you truly love the Lord Jesus Christ–then you earnestly study and endeavor to please Him by a life of universal obedience. …Continue reading

Hold My Hand

Originally preached November 16, 2014. Are any of you folks dealing with seemingly never ending physical and/or emotional pain this morning? Has the Lord brought people into your lives that are? If you answered in the affirmative today’s message ought to be helpful. I’ll be citing excerpts from what I believe is the most helpful …Continue reading

Friday Morning Special 9/25/15


No Accident from Joni and Friends “The Lord has decreed disaster for you.” 1 Kings 22:23 These words from God’s prophet made wicked King Ahab very nervous. After all, he was going into battle the next day. So for precaution, King Ahab forced an allied king to take the battlefield decked out in royal attire, …Continue reading

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