The Antidote for Worry


Mike Cunningham
September 28, 2014

I praise God for all the insights that were in my most recent sermons. By using them I was able to overcome the temptation to worry during this past week of wrestling with my latest divinely ordained circumstances. Of course, you and I should be concerned about all the evil taking place in our sin-drenched world but not to the point that we will worry. It’s been one of my heartfelt desires that through today’s sermon each of you folks will understand that God has given every Christian the antidote for worry. Read more

Friday Morning Special 9/26/14


Many years ago when the Western United States was being settled, most of the roads consisted only of wagon tracks. These tough roads were very hard to navigate, particularly because wagons would often get stuck in the wheel ruts that had been created by other wagons, and getting out of those deep ruts could be extremely difficult. Read more

2014/09/24 – Devotional

Pursuing the Quest for Purpose

Dr. R. C. Sproul

In the quest for purpose, we must distinguish between proximate and remote purposes. The proximate refers to that which is close at hand. The remote refers to the distant, far-off, ultimate purpose. The football player’s proximate goal is to make a first down. The more remote goal is a touchdown. The even more remote goal is to win the game. The ultimate goal is to win a championship. Read more

Rejoice in the Lord Always



Mike Cunningham

September 21, 2014

It reminded me of just how saturated our world is with sin. Along with most Americans, I was completely unaware that another evil had arrived on the scene of human history. I can only imagine the horrible thoughts that raced through the minds of its victims. The possibility of those satanically crazed murderers infiltrating our country is terrifying. It’s unnecessary to describe the video footage. Unless you are blind or seriously visually impaired, you saw each man moments before a member of ISIS beheaded him. If the victims were given the opportunity to write a few letters to their loved ones back home what do you think would be the first thing they would say? Here’s what one of my favorite hero’s told the folks that he loved dearly to do when he was in a similar situation. He said: Read more

Friday Morning Special 09/19/14


Scripture Reading: Genesis 42:1-17

As soon as Joseph saw his brothers, he recognized them, but he pretended to be a stranger and spoke harshly to them. Genesis 42:7

Does it surprise us that Joseph spoke harshly to his brothers, who didn’t recognize him? We might expect this from someone who was bent on vengeance, but was Joseph that way?

Why didn’t Joseph immediately reveal his identity to his brothers, invite them to come near, embrace them, weep over them, and then gently explain that God himself had sent him to Egypt ahead of them? Read more


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