In His Time


“It can’t be,” the man shouted. He almost knocked a young mother whose arms were loaded with back to school clothing off of her feet as he quickly made his way to the book rack in the Salvation Army thrift store. Oblivious of the other shoppers, his eyes were like a scud missile locked on …Continue reading

Charlie and the Angel


Copyright 2000 by Mike Cunningham In what appeared to be a split second, the patient arrived at a level of consciousness he had never before known. This was a welcome relief from his previous state in which he experienced an increased inability to think clearly, concentrate, and a multitude of other symptoms of his disease. …Continue reading

How About You?


HOW ABOUT YOU? Mike Cunningham February 8, 2015 In the preface of the outstanding inspiring novel we have been looking at for the past few weeks, and the excerpts I have cited, the author tells his readers that: This story is fictional. The characters in the story are also fictional, and any similarity to persons …Continue reading

I Appreciate My Blog


I APPRECIATE MY BLOG Mike Cunningham February 1, 2015 As far as I’m concerned this continues to be a crummy winter. I wish it were over. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for the folks who profit from the ski industry and those who enjoy out door activities. But for the rest of us being …Continue reading

It’s Only a Story

Last Sunday afternoon I decided to take a break from my usual routine. Instead of studying about the sermon I intended to post on my blog this morning, I chose to read a novel that I had purchased a while ago. I’m sure glad I that I did. Little did I realize at the time …Continue reading

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